Norsk Folkemuseum

Norway's largest museum of cultural history featuring the world's oldest open air museum and large indoor collections.


During summer, there are different activities at the museum every day. Most Sundays, we feature special program events. In the Open-Air Museum, many buildings are open, and a host in traditional folk dress welcomes you.


The exhibits are located in the Open-Air Museum and in the exhibit halls. They feature daily life and living condition in Norway from the 16th century to present time. Panorama views.


Collections of artefacts, buildings, photographs and archivalia represent life and culture in Norway from the 16th century to present. 


The museum has long traditions as a research institution with an interdisciplinary research staff in the fields of ethnology, folkloristic, cultural history, anthropology and art history.

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Spring 2014

Open Mon-Fri: 11-15, Sat-Sun: 11-16


Todays program


NF 1814 – A Norwegian Drama

An exhibition on the events of 1814 in a historical context

  • For schools

    Norsk Folkemuseum is a great place for learning! A field trip to the museum is a great tool in teaching!

  • Knitting History

    Knitting in Norway from it was introduced in the beginning of the 1600s up to the present.

Coming soon


Tourist in your own City

Experience spring in the Open-Air Museum! Out-door concert with the Comet Kid at 13:00.

27. April 2014