Inside the Shop

This interior is originally from the town of Holmestrand, and was the premises of the Holmestrand Spirits Cooperative. In 1904 the Cooperative moved into this newly renovated locale with its classic fittings and colourful patterned floor tiles popular at the time. This tile floor has been reconstructed on the basis of remaining tiles.

The shop is from 1904, and shows a typical wine merchant’s shop or Cooperative of the period. After the Wine Monopoly was established in 1922, it took over a number of shops like this.

Holmestrand Samlag for Brændevinshandel

The Cooperative in Holmestrand was established in 1878. Cooperatives were privately owned companies run under municipal supervision. According to the 1871 Coperatives Act, profits from sale of spirits were to be used for ‘the general good’. Cooperatives operated in parallel with the Wine Monopoly until 1938, when they were abolished by Act of Parliament.

In 1938 the Wine Monopoly took over and ran the Holmestrand shop, which moved to new premises in 1982.

The Wine Monopoly took over warehouses, shops, employees and the expertise of the private wine trade. The first outlet was opened on 18 January 1923 in Kristiania (renamed Oslo in 1925) on the premises of the former Damman and Baltzersen wine shop.